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There may be some questions in your mind regarding payday loans. So, we at ePaydayLoansMart have extracted some most frequently asked questions to clear your doubts and queries.

Who are ePaydayLoansMart?
We ePaydayLoansMart are US based online payday loan and personal loan arranger, and assist people to find quick cash loan.

What exactly is a Payday Loan?
A payday loan or payday advance is a short term unsecured loan, which is granted until your next payday.

How much amount can be borrowed with payday loans?
You can borrow between $100 - $2,500, and loan approval strictly depends on your present earnings and repayment ability.

What are the approval criteria for a payday loan?
In order to be approved, you must qualify the following basic requirements:
. Currently employed
. US citizenship
. Age at least 18 years
. Monthly earnings at least $2,500
. Checking bank account with direct debit and credit facility.

How to register for a payday loan online?
There is a very simple procedure to register for a payday loan online. Simply visit ePaydayLoansMart.com and fill out online registration form and submit, that's it.

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